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Our philosophy at Strack Chiropractic Wellness Center is simple: Everything we do is to help the people in our community alleviate their pain, build strong, healthy habits, and reach their goals. Whether that’s daily workouts, winning a state championship, avoiding surgery, preparing for surgery… you name it, we’re there for them.


Dr. Kenny wanted to be a detective from a young age, and has found a way to fulfill that desire through chiropractic medicine. He has a deep understanding of how the body works; if a patient is having pain, there is a reason why, and he’ll find the answer. His personal experience as a college baseball player, and his current lifestyle which includes weight lifting regularly means he’s no stranger to minor injuries. He can relate to patients in a special way, making treatment that much more effective.


Through the use of chiropractic, active release technique and proper movement coaching, our goal is to restore range of motion and prevent future injury. There are 3 phases of care for patients with an injury: Relief, Corrective, and Maintenance.

Our 3 step process







Phase 1

The first phase of care is pain relief. This involves assessing where the pain is coming from and then determing what techniques are necessary to begin to reduce inflammation and increase range of motion. The human body is a living machine, and similar to fixing a vehicle, the solution to beginning to resolve an injury may not always be the “obvious answer”. Our goal is to discover the underlying issue and begin to treat that issue to give you relief as soon as possible.

Phase 2

The second phase of care is corrective care. This means consistently working on and improving the underlying cause of discomfort, and alternatively treating any new aches and pains that come with the daily stresses of life. Depending on the severity of the injury, recommended visits may be greater initially, but always with the goal of reducing amount of visits needed on a weekly basis. The prescribed care and exercises allow patients to continue with recovery outside of being in the office, and improving overall quality of life.

Phase 3

The third phase of care is maintenance or wellness care. We believe in the power of knowledge and practice, and therefore we coach our patients through several techniques to promote optimal healing and vitality. This includes exercises tendered to their injury, how to maintain posture, and even dietary recommendations. This bit of “homework” makes a world of difference in maintaining consistent results for our patients.

Strack Chiropractic Wellness Center

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